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The dancer moved across the stage, graceful.
Every movement perfectly choreographed
All the dancers
In the background
She twirls and spins,
Moving carefully to the melody
Of the soft, enchanting music
Her orchestra plays.
The audience is silent.
They are not there,
she realises.
She is dancing to herself.
She is dancing in a box,
a spring fixes her to the floor
Cogs rotate slowly,
Turning her around.
All the while, the melody plays.
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 1 0
The Chair
She woke up in a changing room. Her straightjacket was off, and a clean set of clothes hanging up in front of her. 
“Get changed!” the guard outside barked in German. She scrambled up, her shaking fingers trembling with the buttons. She was shaking all over, and it took her a couple of tries to get into the trousers.
She went out of the changing room, her hands shaking by her sides. She was wobbling as she followed the guard silently through the linoleum-paved hall. The walls were an uplifting yellow, but they only scared her more. 
A light on the ceiling lit up. What was that? 
“Face the wall, hands covering your eyes. Don’t move!” the guard barked. She did, she couldn’t afford to do something wrong. Her sanity was barely clinging on, as it was. 
She was led to a room with a man, waiting for her. The second she went in he closed the curtains, so that she could only see the bright light throu
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 2 2
Ace (Prussian Blue, Edition 1, Print 1) by tygeraddict Ace (Prussian Blue, Edition 1, Print 1) :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 3 2
This is for Edd
This is for Edd,
who ended up dead.
He passed away,
like we all shall do someday.
But not unloved,
for every kind dove,
holds him in their hearts.
(For he wasn't just known for his art)
This is for Tom,
who is really the bomb,
who is left alone,
in his very large home.
But he is not without friends,
for we shall help him on, until the very end.
This is for everyone,
whose friend has gone,
Passed away,
Not living another day.
But they are not without hope,
as they aren't alone,
because this community,
only sees this as an opportunity
to grow and mature,
and become something more.
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 1 5
I hoped you wouldn't... But you did anyway. by tygeraddict I hoped you wouldn't... But you did anyway. :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 13 Andy- Sarcasm-is-us by tygeraddict Andy- Sarcasm-is-us :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 10
Eames's Chair
Somehow, he had gotten mixed up in somewhere he hadn’t wanted to be.
“Government? Comrade, that has not existed for years; it’s practically dead!” his student claimed. This was the statement that would spark a revolution—had he known, he may not have opened his mouth, or, perhaps he did know and continued anyway. Perhaps he knew all along what was to be.
“Of course government exists, it is just not necessarily good,” he answered his student, ever the conformist.
“Civilization depends on government, comrade-the Party just sends people to the forest!” His pupil was enraged, fired up, excited
“Don’t give an unrelated answer to a direct statement,” he chided, staring right through him.
“There’s unrelated answers, and there’s veiled connections.” His pupil stared at him, seeming like he was willing him to understand.
“They know what’s best, m
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 1 0
E: It's a sacrifice. Really. by tygeraddict E: It's a sacrifice. Really. :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 5 E: Love, Sasha by tygeraddict E: Love, Sasha :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 0
A poem-
A poem-
Stanzas and lines,
Letters to lines,
Our love-
You and I,
Today 'til forever,
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 1 4
Friendship is magic, bitch.
You suck. You have terrible moodswings, and constantly whine and whinge and sometimes I want to hit you.
"I'm leaving. Goodbye. We're over! OVER, I tell you!" D'you remember that? It was today. Oh yeah, now you remember.
I'd never do that. Leave, I mean. I'll be stalking you years after we leave to different colleges, you to NYU, and I to CSM (Central St. Martins'!)
Why? I love you. No, not in a lesbian-I-want-to-get-into-your-pants way, a you're-my-best-fucking-friend-don't-you-fucking-dare way.
"Pleeeeeaaaaseeeeee? I'll be your best friend!"
"I am your best friend,"
"Even beeeeester friend!"
"Bro, we're twins, you can't get bester than that."
That was Monday. You still didn't help me.
Friendship is fucking magic, bitch.
The terrible twins ask me "Why do you swear?"
It's because you're cool with it, bro. If you weren't I wouldn't.
I call you a bitch, you call me a spintry, we kiss and make up. It's our version of a fistfight, with less bruises. We deal. It's bette
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 1 22
Clare Defoe by tygeraddict Clare Defoe :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 1 4 Sarcasm-is-us App Sheet by tygeraddict Sarcasm-is-us App Sheet :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 21 Query and Feds logo by tygeraddict Query and Feds logo :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 7
The Legend of Brony-Kind
Before the revival the series lay sleeping. Nothing was made; no plots, characters, fun or music. All there was the slow backwards crawl of the My Little Pony franchise into a myriad of insults and rude comments, where even its target demographic refused to watch it.
But one day, the mythical alicorn creator awoke from her creative slumber and reared her head before the earth. Her name was Lauren Faust, and she sent a cry for the show's revival.
She drew, and designed, but no-one would listen. It was a dead show, which even Frankenstein could not bring back to life. And so she crept back into hiding once again. But she had left marks of her ideas, and the Great Beings of Hasbro could not resist the temptation. They rose her once again, and she returned to where she first appeared.
"Come out!" she cried, and the viewers responded. The children heard first, but then the adult male fanbase grew in size, and the alicorn reveled!
She tickled their appetites with characters that had backgrou
:icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 3 4
Chocolate Cola by tygeraddict Chocolate Cola :icontygeraddict:tygeraddict 0 4


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